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any one know the location of Lee Parks Glove store


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I am going out to California next week. I will be in the vicinity of Victorville, CA. I was wondering if Lee Parks has a store to which I could travel to try on and look at the wide range of gloves. If anyone has the actual address, or location/directions, can you post it for me. thanks

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I have left three messages, so far no return phone call. I have checked google, the web site, and so far no information. hence the reason for the post.

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When Lee and the crew are on the road it's very difficult to contact them. They are on the road A LOT. They teach Total Control classes all over the country. This weekend they are in Gilbert, AZ November 17, 2007.

The actual address is his home which is not typically given out.

The "factory" is in AZ


If you do not get in contact with him by next week PM me and I will give you his direct line.

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