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question on airheads


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contemplating purchasing a 1995 R100rt. Are there any issues with this bike? I know the owner replaced the rear shocks and it has new fork springs/seals. Also a new "diode" board for the charging system. Not sure what else. I think it has around 40,000 miles on it. Just inquiring as i'd like to get one (even though i have an FJR1300) but would like to have a nice twin beside the FJR.

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If ya like to tinker they're great! Need a touch more "TLC" than oilheads,especially as they age,ya know carb's n'all. Older models had points. Later models like'95, has 'lectronic ignition (commonly refered to as a *bean can*).

All parts still widely available. Fairings look modern and motors sound cool when running whether idle or WOT!!!

Really simple to work on,especially along side of the road!!! But still very dependable,many oldtimers swear they were the best bikes put out by the company. They still have a big following and many "airhead clubs" still very active across the world.


just one of the many sites currently active about airhead bikes.


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I highly recommend it. thumbsup.gif Just be prepared for more labor intensive repairs at the most inopportune time. Still well worth it though.

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Hi Rich, The RT fairing is HOT in the summer. It would be a great cool weather bike though. The handling and brakes feel very dated compared to modern motorcycles.

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40K is low milage for an R100. They will go gobs of miles with minor care and they have pretty solid components. Set the valves a little loose and forget them. Change the oil at the 3k mark with Castrol 20-50. They can get great tire milage too since they are bias ply.

Wind protection is good behind that big fairing.

I still have my first BMW a '78 80/7 now with a sidecar. I also have a '89 GS. Both great bikes with the usual quirks. No worse than the new bikes except the new bikes are faster and better and they don't have 100+k miles on them. Oops, the 2000 RTP has 116K miles on it.

It's a Beemer, capable of being ridden vigorously and far. Just do it! wave.gif

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The choice may be whether u like to wrench or not. These old airheads are great, simple, elemental bikes. They just feel right to some of us. But they do need more maintenance to keep running well. If u like to wrench, u will enjoy this bike. These's a certain satisfaction to being able to take cae of ur own bike. If u take ur bikes to the shop, probably not a good choice.


I have a '93RT(80K miiles) and love it. My dad has a '82RT (150K+miles)and loves it. He just rode from KY to CA and back this summer. (He's 81 years old).


Good luck and ride safely.

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were they still carburated in 1995 or went to fuel injection by then? just curious.


Still carb's and also the year or actually maybe 1994, that fuel injection was introduced on the boxers (in Europe first).

South Africa still produced an airhead till I believe 1997. It was called a "Basic",carb's an all!



Over here at UKGSer many knowledgeable "Air Headers"!!


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