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I came close to buying a similar bike (w/bags, sargent seat, bar risers, an '03 or '4 with 5k miles) last month for $6400 in Albuquerque NM. Certainly the bike has a lot of fans.

Doing an ebay search produces a number of new units at close to $8000.


Wooster who rented an electra glide instead

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i aLMOST bought one - but when I rode the FR800 vs the Triumph ST 1050 back to back within minutes of each other - it was a no-brainer.


The ST has a ton more power and ooomph - the brakes are not as good as the Honda...

The ergo's fit me better on the ST


The ST w/ABS was cheaper and hard luggage came in the ST's deal...not sure that's still the case..


The wheelbase "felt" longer on the ST - I felt cramped on the VFR.


Fit/Finish were both excellent on both scoots.


Pick whatever fits ya - but look into the 2005/2007 Sprints...they also dethroned the VFR for Sport-tourer of the year in the early Spring editions on many (all?) bike rags. thumbsup.gif


Good luck in your search...

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I understand that the VTEC engine introduced in 2002 can make things exciting when the second set of valves kicks in while in the middle of a corner.


From Wikpedia:


The sixth generation VFR (for the first time marketed only as the "Interceptor") was introduced in 2002. For the first time it featured dual underseat exhausts, an optional anti-lock braking system (ABS) in addition to the DCBS, and optional hard luggage. It featured chain-driven cams rather than the traditional VFR gear-driven cams, and was the first motorcycle to have Honda's VTEC valve-actuation technology. The implementation of VTEC was seen as a bid by Honda to meet tightening noise and emissions standards in Japan and abroad while improving the peak horsepower of the engine. In contrast to the automotive version of VTEC, where the cam timing varies with engine rpm, the simplified motorcycle version of VTEC employs only two of the four valves per cylinder when operating at lower engine speeds. All four valves per cylinder were engaged above 6800 rpm. After some criticism of the abruptness of power transition, Honda lowered the VTEC activation rpm threshold to 6400 rpm in 2006. The VTEC disengages two cylinder valves when the engine speed drops again below 6100 rpm.

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Looking at a 2003 Honda VFR800 with bags. Just wanting your views of this bike


I almost bought one recently! Then I checked insurance, compared it to various BMW models, and decided the higher cost of the K1200R Sport (which is so heavily discounted) made more long term sense in my case.


Basically I balked at nearly paying the price it would cost to buy a VFR used twice with in five years. I could not believe the insurance quotes I got here in Georgia, over 40 and still getting 1k quotes!!! Hell my K1200R Sport is only 518!


Beautiful, but I preferred my money to go to owning the bike, not insuring it. (I even looked at 99/00 models - which while a lot cheaper full insurance made it even sillier)

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My last bike was an '02 VFR. Bought her new and sold her about 8 weeks ago. There's good reason Cycle World named that motorcycle "Bike of the Year" 15 times. I'm 6'8" and I needed more leg room than the VFR had. Tracy wasn't comfy enough to go more than 300 miles a day, on the back. Sold the VFR to buy an 1100RT. We're very pleased with the comfort of the BMW although we've only put a few hundred miles on her. If you have any specific questions about the VFR's, feel free to IM or Email me at GS11kelly@yahoo.

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I had a Y2K Viffer and loved it! Reliable,sporty, and pretty comfortable too.


Check out:



Now I am back to one bike, my 1200RT.


Steve in So Cal


I just followed your link to your smugmug galleries ... holy smokes there's some great shots in there! Nice work!!




Oh yeah, that that viffer looks sweet too. smile.gif

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I don't have a whole lot of miles on VFR's, but I got to ride Laney's a little bit and enjoyed it. I think it would be a great fun little sport tourer.

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I have a y2k vfr as well and preferred this motor over the vtec. Gear driven cam engine is sweet and love the whistle you hear as the engine revs. Only dislike is that the exhaust isn't under the seat like the newer ones but i'll take this motor over the vtec any day.

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