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How to remove wing mirror covers?


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My wife's new R1200RT suffered a 0 Kmh left side parking lot lay down the other day. At first we didn't notice any damage but closer inspection shows the wing mirror covers pushed in a cm or so at the bottom. I see no sign of cracks, stress or breakage.


Question is; how do I push/pull/tug/reposition the covers to get them to snap into position? Is this best left to my BMW shop? Is there on online manual, picture or procedure that I should follow? I don't want to mess up the better half's tupperware. Any help at all much appreciated. confused.gif

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just put the mirror off, pull strait back, holding the mirror assembly with both hands, its held on with rubber gromets, then you should be able to see the two fasteners that bolt on the painted 'wing'. Remove them, T25, and that panel should pull off to the front, carfull it will fall when you take the last screw out. Once everything is off, check for damage to the subframe, or broken clips/tabs. Hopefully all is good and just got knocked out of alignment. Good luck and nice to see a fellow Calgarian! If you have any trouble or need help feel free to E-mail or PM me.



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Well I was unsure just how to pull the mirror off and really didn't want to break anything so used the suction cup from my car GPS unit on the mirror to pull straight back. To my surprise the whole assembly came off just as you described. Once off your explanation made a lot sense. I was able to snap the dislocated pieces back into place very easily and re-installed the assembly in two minutes. Only damage is a slight scrape on the outside corner that I may be able to smooth out with wax/1000 grit paper. Thanks againfor the help - my wife and I appreciate it. clap.gif

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