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1100rt oil change


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The next service should be at 15K (actually 18K in the book I think), but by you, not the dealer. Very simple to do, especially if you use K&N oil filters with the nut on the bottom. Makes removal of the oil filter a snap. Your actual service interval is at I believe 18K according to BMW schedule. An RT oil change takes about 20 minutes to do if you're not in a hurry. thumbsup.gif

And WHERE did you find a 1100RT with 12K on it?

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just brought to dealer and got a 12k service... is my next oil change @ 15k?


BMW quote 6K miles intervals for oil changes. Some have sent oil samples off for analysis in the past and the results of those suggest that 6K is conservative for most of us and letting the oil sit in the bike for twice that is not the end of the world - though I would not reccomend that.



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thank you. yeah. I'm really enjoying the bike.. completely different than the last bike. i couldn't imagine anything nicer to ride out there.. even the new ones..there is something very unique about this machine..

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