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Toronto Motorcycle Dealers


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It seems a lot of BMW riders complain of no BMW dealers in there area. In Toronto it's completely reversed.


If you ride any of the big four your pretty much SOL!


The number of Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki dealers in the city Toronto is now ZERO!


Yamaha has 1.


BMW has 2.




Mind you there are a few dealers in the GTA but if you live in the city you may as well buy a BMW!

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If your willing to go to London Ontario, about 1-1/2 hours west, there's Wolf BMW who only do bikes. I may try them in the future, I am used to dealing with the smaller shops. Budds BMW, where my RT came from sell both cars and bikes don't seem to have that "personel touch".

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I assume you are referring to Whitby dealer and the downtown TO dealer. I can put in a good word for Open Roads in Newmarket. Pat Doyle is a great guy to deal with and he has a good crew of mechanics. Like the other dealers, he is part of a combined car/motorcycle dealership.


Yes, you heard it here first. Apparently BMW makes cars too. Who knew?

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I hear very good things about Open Road in Newmarket but I bought my RT at Durham BMW in Whitby and I'm quite happy with there service. Plus I get a loaner bike when needed.


The main point of the post is that if you own a Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki or a Yamaha, trying to buy a bike or get warranty service you will have to travel out of town. Considering the size of Toronto and a few million people in the city it seems the big 4 has dropped the ball.


That seems to be the reverse of most places with a big 4 dealer on every corner.

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Wolf BMW good or bad I'd still have to pass 3 or 4 or maybe 5 BMW dealers to get there. I don't think so!


Did you have a problem with Wolf?

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If you are counting Whitby as the second BMW... add Snow City in Scarborough +1 Honda, +1 Yamaha. Kahuna in Vaughn +1 Yamaha, + 1 Kawi. For Suzuki, there is a new full line (cars too) dealer at Yonge and 407 Hillcrest Suzuki.

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I bought at Downtown BMW 2 yrs ago, like the service, they also organize seminars, group rides and even track days. But for the Japanese bikes, since McBride, Brampton Cycle and Cycle World went down pickings are slim in the area. Same for general merchandise. I know of GP Cycle in Whitby, Riders Choice in Mississauga and Motorcycle Superstore in the downtown Toronto area, but not much else. Hopefully there will still be some dealers at the Motorcycle show in December.

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Ian treats new bike purchasers ok for a while. I don't know how long your "always" has been but for most, once the honeymoon is over, it's over. If you didn't buy your bike from him, no matter if you are from way off, you are really screwed if you need anything. I'd been to his shop a few times in Ailsa Craig before he moved it to London also. He told me that my 98 BMW was too old and he didn't work on bikes that old. I'd experienced a rear diff failure. This was on a Friday morn and he did not even want to check parts for me. He said if I was still around Tuesday I might give him a call. I know many riders that have had some dealing with him and they feel the same as I do, very dissatified with his work and attitude.

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Thanks for the heads up. I will stick with Budds.


I happen to work at Wolf in London and am somewhat suprised to read the comments posted by BUSTED.


Since there are two sides to every story, I hate to think that you would boycot Wolf based on one post by one person.


I don't know the circumstances surrounding BUSTED and his failed final drive so I have no factual information to quote here.


I can say that it is very difficult to service drive in customers during the peak summer riding season. Our regular customers have booked appointments sometimes weeks in advance.... should we cancel them to work on a transient customer from out of town that just happens to be in the area?? I don't think so! Maybe we should hire extra mechanics and have them sitting around waiting for a drop in customer? Again, I don't think so! Would I stay late in the shop to fix your bike.... Probably, but not if you show up with a bad attitude to start with.


Two sides to every story.


Happy riding!

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A few years back,I stopped at Wolf with my 1984 Gold Wing.I always wanted an RT and mentioned this,got the cold shoulder.Bought my RT in Monteal,that's that for Wolf BMW.

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On the subject of BMW dealers to choose from in the GTA, it must be the most dealers in any area in North America, for sure Canada. I have been to Wolf for some parts a few years ago, now mostly Budds. Find their Parts department on the ball, friendly and efficient. Buying bikes there I had no luck lately, bought my last two BMWs in Quebec. Toronto BMW has normally a great selection of bikes and friendly staff. I liked the ride out to Ailsa Craig, but since I had sold a good number of used BMW's out of my New Car store in Waterloo, purely because I share your enthusiasm for BMW bikes, consequently got written up in your newsletter rather unfairly, so I haven't bothered to come out there any longer or refer clients to you for service as I used to do. The write up had some positive effect for us though, got lots of calls and business picked up even more. Unfortunately we had to give up the used bike business since my manufacturer did not look at it too kindly to have these nice machines in my showroom. Now I just stock one or two. So your boss can relax. wink.gif

Hope things are going well for you in your new store at the airport. Some day I'll take a ride out here again.


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