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Hopefully you have a room already , they will be scarce and overpriced when bike week starts. I have stayed in St. Augustine, about 45 miles N. of Daytona , to get a cheaper room. The ride into Daytona from there is not bad - along the beach A1A or on the back roads.

Once in Daytona get a pamphlet that shows the local area with a map. Learn the back streets for getting around . There is a bridge that crosses from the mainland over to the beach , one north of and another south of Hwy 92. Use them , 92 will be at a crawl most of the time.

They have great racing going on during Bike week. Many people skip it, but I would not miss it. Go into the infield and you can get close to the track in several places to see the bikes come past.

The cops are strict, just don't attract any attention and all will be fine.

You may want to go to a place they call the cabbage patch. Has music and bikers being bikers. It is on some of the little maps you will find around town.

I would for sure cruise along the ocean up to St Augustine

, it is a good ride and there is good food and not as crowded , but will have plenty of other bikers and just tourists. Great food across the Bridge of Lions at O'Steen's. Seafood . On the right about 1/2 mile over the bridge. Then from there you can run back down the coast to Daytona. Plenty of motels also , you may find a vacancy.

The Harley shop and the BMW shop are near each other over on the mainland. Harley shop has a lot going on during the week.

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Many things have changed in Daytona over the last couple of years. Downtown is still crazy, and Main street is a must. The Harley dealer has moved to US 1 and 95 which makes the interstate a mess. There you will also find the Ducati, Triumph and Arlen Ness dealers. Harley stll has their location downtown, but it is a T shirt and chrome parts store. They don't have the bikes there anymore. The speedway is the home to all the manufacturers and the demo rides (yeah). All of the beach area is crazy with much of the nightlife there.


It is just a cornucopia of activity with something pretty much for everyone!


As far as where to stay, you will have a hard time getting a room in Daytona. You do have some options about 45 to 60 miles away. You might also be able to find some camping around there. We are about 80 miles away, so we spend the week riding/driving (if we take the kid) back and forth.


If you have more specific questions, there are a bunch of us in the area, so just ask!

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and your house has the companion room?




A 10' by 10' deck out by the lake.


Just the right size for Phil when (if) he does his 50CC. grin.gif

I'll bring his guest house over... Jamie says he's used to sleeping here:


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You are being watched!!! Both of you!!!


Dog house!?!?!?


I expect dog house accommodations like this, thank you very much!!!



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The Harley dealer has moved to US 1 and 95 which makes the interstate a mess.


This is some what true...The dealership still has the old location on Beach Street down the way from BMW dealership.

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The best advice so far in this thread are "the green tunnel" (Tomoka State Park) and Osteen's Seafood in St. Augustine, the fried shrimp is without equal (ate there last night, mmm).

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I usually give one day to the Daytona mayhem. I go to the Speedway and watch some cycle racing, then peruse the wares of the diminishing number of vendors (the Speedway charges so much to rent a spot at the vendors area that 50% of them have disappeared in the last three or four years and the International Bike Show eliminated Bike Week from their list of exhibition spots.) I've seen the main street craziness and heard the deafening noise. I know that Bike Week averages a dozen motorcycle-related deaths every year, so be careful if you visit. tongue.gif

And I'm with others here. Find a hotel in another town, then ride into Daytona. The best riding is away from Daytona as well. wave.gif

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Rooms are hard to find, expensive and in Daytona, many hotels require a three night stay or longer.


I have stayed at the Hampton Inn in Palm Coast (about 25 miles north of Daytona just off I95). They do not require more than one night. I just checked and they are charging about 170/night plus tax which includes breakfast. This morning I made a reservation using the AARP rate at the Hilton, right on the beach in Daytona for $179 plus tax(no breakfast included). They accepted my 2 night reservation for March 4th and 5th.


If you are an AAA member, they should be able to find a reservation for you at a fair rate.

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