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Dunlop Roadsmart tires?


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OK, we all knew the Pilot Road 2's were coming long before they got here. I'm just curious as to why Dunlop's "PR2 killer" hasn't even been mentioned here. I've checked a couple places and they're not available in the US (yet - and SW moto isn't open at the moment), but surely someone has something to say about them... Anyone?


I find it interesting that Dunlop chose to introduce them to the press by letting them ride a couple bikes (including a Gixr 750 and a K1200GT - but this was in France, so the bikes were limited to 100bhp) with Roadsmart's side by side with the bikes equipped with BT021's and PR2's. Apparently most seemed to feel that the BT021's were faster at dry turn-in, but that the Roadsmarts were better in every other way - especially in the wet.


So, if you haven't heard... well, now you have.

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I've read a brief test on the new Dunlops in a German magazine. They are definitely not Pilot Road 2 killers, but they are absolutely up on par with them. That means they are reckoned to better than the BT021 - which the same testers rated slightly below the Pirelli Diablo Stradas and MEZ6.

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