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Lee Parks Design Gloves


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Anyone have these? Which model and do you like them? Are they worth the price and what do people think of the Outlast phase change material?


Looking for some good winter gloves, ride down into the 20's sometime and want to stay warm. Not sure about electric, only ride 7 miles to work in the winter.






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I have the Deersports and the Deersports PCi. Best gloves I have ever owned. The PCi material works great with heated grips.

To me, the only negatives are:

1) Gloves are not waterproof. One must wear an overglove such as Aerostich' lobster glove in rainy conditions.

2) Gloves are not windproof, which reduces the effectivity of the PCi gloves in truly cold weather (below 25 degrees). Again, the solution is to wear an overglove such as Aerostich' lobster glove. I have used the PCi gloves down as low as 15 degrees without overgloves, but the wind leakage was causing my fingerrtips to go nuumb from cold even while the palms and back of hands were toasty warm from the heated grips.

If one does not have heated grips, then the overgloves would be mandatory below about 45 degrees.

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I have and love the Deersports. Fit great. They are "to me" medium weather gloves. Not cool in really hot weather, and not good for really cold weather. But in that medium temp range, they're hard to beat. Mine are the regular ones.


I've recently purchased Motoport's new Kevlar gloves and like the fit very much. They remind me of the shape and fit of the Deersports. I'm hoping that they will work as well, and breathe better -- but have not had the opportunity to test them yet. Here's hoping!

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Yup love em. Make sure you follow the guideline for fitment exactly though.

Everything Mike said is true. I did wear mine in 18 degree weather with heated grips for several hours at a time and had no problem. USA MADE!

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I have the DeerSports as well. Excellent gloves and very comfortable. Not the same protection as my Held Steve gloves, but infinitely more comfy.

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