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Will the 6 speed from the 1150 fit the 1100 engine? would you then need to change the indicator display? I am not planing this just curious as to its possibility.

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will the 6 speed box from an 1150 fit the 1100 engine?


Not without a major effort. The input shaft splines are different from the 5 speed box. That implies using a different clutch, and the 6 speed tranny is set up for hydraulic. That of course leads back to the clutch master cylinder on the handle bars..........


Of course then there is the question will it all fit together, or did they move some of the mounting points, possible output shaft changes, etc...... (I don't know).


Cheaper, and better, to just buy an 1150.


By the way, it's better to keep a single thread going with all the previous answers than it is to start another thread with exactly the same question (I noticed you have asked this question twice).



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