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Fuel pump attacked by Murphy


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Heading to work this morning. Bike ('96 R1100RT) loses power and slows down. Pull over as it dies. Will turn over but doesn't start. Not too far from home, walk back and pick up trailer. Back at bike swap fuses. No go. Swapped relay 5 and 6 no go. When ignition turned on no noise of pump pressurising system. Trailer it home and get into shed. One last try, ignition on hear pump bike starts and runs fine !!! Anyone else had similar problem. Getting things setup for Round Australia next year maybe should just replace pump anyway. Have done external filter mod but as I have to pull tank to fix fuel gauge problem as well thinking about putting it back in tank. Any thoughts will be gratefully entertained.


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Have been having a similar problem with my '96 RT. After changing out the coil, hall sensor and several other items the shop finally determined that it was a faulty oxygem sensor. You might want to check that out as well.


By the way, my son and his wife live in Alice, they have been there a number of years. He is Manager of Engineering at that place to the east of Alice.


Bob Morris

Boise, Idaho, USA wave.gif

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Would the HES wiring stop the fuel pump from starting up when the ignition is first turned on. When you say the wiring is it possible to replace the loom or do I have a major operation. A bit more info. It took about 1 hour to get back to bike. Did not start fuel pump then when tried playing with fuses and relays. Only had two bars on RID when it died. Did not cut out dead just slowly lost revs. Is this an indication of HES? Thanks for you assistance.


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Nope, those are not the symptoms of HES wiring.


I'll revise my earlier estimate but, unfortunately, it broadens the scope of the problem.


The fact that you got no pump sound when turning the key on should have clued me in, that is not related to HES but rather is a function of the ECU. I'll try to provide a list of likely causes below, and somewhat order them for probability.


Connector under the fuel tank.

Relay (I forget which one)

Intermittent fuse holder

Fuel pump

Wiring at ECU


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A clogged fuel filter stopped the fuel pump cold on a K-bike that I had.


This should be possible with an oilhead too, no? It's messy to check, but...

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Update on pump. Tried this morning (Tuesday AM in OZ) and pump whirred as normal. Decided to pull tank anyway. Sock filter is open one end. Contacted BeemerBoneyard and replacement pump sock etc. on the way. Very impressed with their service. Thanks for the replies guys. Love this site.



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