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Death Valley Daze Pre-Run--This Weekend! FINAL DETAILS!


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Attention DVD Pre-Run Riders!


Make your reservations now for this Friday and Saturday night at:


The Exchange Club in Beatty, Nevada! clap.gif


Here are the details:


Call the Exchange Club directly at: 1-775-553-2333 to reserve your room. I just talked to "Pat" and worked out the group rate, but she's passing the info on to the other two girls who work the desk as well, so you should get the same rate no matter who you talk to. The dates are this Friday and Saturday (Sunday, too if you want) the 16th and 17th. Just tell them you're with the "BMW Sport Touring group".


The group rate is $40.00 plus tax (which is a flat rate for single or double occupancy, so if you want to bunk up the rate stays the same). You will pay a total of $43.60 out the door per night and she still has plenty of rooms for both this weekend and in January. They have 44 rooms total (mostly non-smoking rooms, but smoking rooms are available) and one or two bed rooms and two mini-suites as well (though I don't know the prices on those). We'll have to check out all the drinks/food options and we might have to BYOB for Friday night, but the Ensenada Grill is a few blocks down the street and serves breakfast as well now and the Sourdough Saloon is across the street (they do pizza too). Each room has wireless internet so you can bring your homework too! grin.gif




Again, ALL are welcome to join us and for those who don't know what the plan is or even what a Pre-Run is I'll give you a quick history lesson and a primer:


First, there really isn't much of a plan for the Pre-Run until the very end. The purpose of my original post was to let people lock in the dates if they wanted to go along and the rest of the details would be revealed after more research into options and numbers of attendees firmed up (so we could negotiate better rates for the group).


Basically (and to be perfectly honest), the DVD Pre-Run is just an excuse to go riding! When we moved the ride out of the Valley and first found heaven at the Exchange Club almost four years ago now we thought we had arrived at the perfect solution. The first Pre-run was to confirm that that place would work for the larger group at MLK weekend. That first BMWST.com MLK-DVD at the Exchange Club was a BLAST! . . . but when they sold the Exchange Club that same year and closed the restaurant and bar on site we decided to see if we could find another spot and so needed another Pre-Run to scout out alternative locations. The location for that next MLK-DVD was a bit of a disappointment for many in the large group and so we moved locations yet again requiring ANOTHER Pre-Run to scout out the new, NEW location. Last January's MLK was unusually BITTER cold and a lot of folks had trouble with the weather, but the hotel was very nice to us and very accommodating. Still, some expressed disappointment that we had moved too far from Death Valley . . . so . . . wink.gif


Sounds like a good excuse for ANOTHER PRE-RUN!! clap.gif


Basically, things in small towns in that part of the country are in constant flux. The area is littered with "Ghost Towns" that boomed and busted and the trend really hasn't stopped. The Pre-Runners just go to get the "latest news" and act as the unelected representatives for the rest of the MLK-DVD riders. They get to have more say in where the January group ends up staying.


So, the organizers find a place that looks like it has potential then:


--we all book our own rooms and/or find roomies

--we gather up on Friday afternoon/night at the hotel

--we eat in the restaurants and try different items

--we ride the roads and check distances

--we check out access to various attractions (roads close and open with some frequency there due to extremes of weather)

--we confirm availability of gas and ranges for the sportbikes

--we explore other options for non-riding SO's, etc. (casinos, gun shops, fireworks stands, brothels, etc.)

--those of us with Dual Sport bikes check out the dirty stuff

--those of us who enjoy the company but don't ride in groups go off and do their own solo thing . . .


. . . and then we get back together at Saturday night's dinner compare notes, swap ideas and put our heads together to come up with the best solution we can find from the current data available.


. . . and then we usually end up getting silly, start swapping lies and partying into the wee hours! grin.gif


For the Pre-Run, some stay until Monday, but most leave Sunday for home.



Hope you can make it!

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Excellent and a big thank you for doing this!!


Anyone interested,there is a way out there other than the boring slab to Baker! I'm leaving Lancaster Friday morning and going thru Mojave, Randsburg, Beautiful downtown Trona!! then thru the Panimints!! About the same distance but infinitely more interesting!

Lemme know if ya wanna go wave.gif

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I am confirmed.


I have booked a room with two beds and if someone wants to split a room, thats fine with me (drop me an email). I will not be arriving until about midnight Friday night.



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IN!!! Reservation made and Pat seems like a nice lady--


We enjoyed our stay at the Exchange Club last time and looking forward to this weekend also-- See you all there

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I am in! Thanks Al for letting me room with you. MrDuck I sent you a PM to see if you wanted to ride out Friday Morning. I am leaving from Malibu if anyone else wants to meet up let me know.

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Heck's IN...reservations made, butt linament is packed.

Leaving from Fresno Area on Friday Morning.....Anyone want to ride out- Route is open..was thinking about running by Lake Isabella then out thru the valley, but open to other options..

C ya all there or on the way....



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Booked! I'm a fixin' to ride into town with CJ (that'd be Cool Jamie. I have to call him that so he'll let me ride with him. Don't let him see this comment).

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Booked! I'm a fixin' to ride into town with CJ (that'd be Cool Jamie. I have to call him that so he'll let me ride with him. Don't let him see this comment).



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Booked! I'm a fixin' to ride into town with CJ (that'd be Cool Jamie. I have to call him that so he'll let me ride with him. Don't let him see this comment).

Now ya gone and done it...... lurker.giflurker.gif

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MrDuck I sent you a PM to see if you wanted to ride out Friday Morning.


You betcha! Be good to have ya along- we will hook up Friday morning here in Lancaster. clap.gif


Anyone else wanting to do the scenic route? Now is a great time to be riding in the desert thumbsup.gif

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Where and when are we meeting Saturday morning? I need to know what time to set the alram since I'm arriving so late Friday night.
Well Mark, it's a Pre-Run so it's even more very loooosely unorganized than the actual ride in January! lmao.gif


We're all staying in the same hotel so you'll be able to find us. The nice thing about the layout is it's fairly small and set up as a two-story "L" shape with all the bikes right in the middle. It's hard to miss bumping into others coming and going which really helps. The only good breakfast close by is at the Ensenada Grill right down the street a block or so away so I imagine--depending on how late everyone was up the night before partying in Al's room--that you'll find us all there . . . eventually . . . having breakfast!


As far as a plan goes we'll likely do half of the recon on the way in!


1) I'm glad to see a few dirty guys are coming so they can check out Titus Canyon on the way into the Valley from Beatty via Daylight Pass and make sure it didn't get closed down again. Westside road is also a good one, but there's SO much excellent dirt stuff in Death Valley and most of it I haven't a clue about so I'll rely on the dirty guys to find and report on that angle.


2) It'd be good for at least someone coming from Trona to check out Wildrose Rd, an interesting cut off from Panamint Valley Rd to Hwy 190. Sections of it aren't paved, but it's usually in good enough shape for RT's--good to know its condition.


3) It'd be great if someone checked out the south entrance to the park and make sure the road up from Badwater is good all the way out to the south near Shoshone as that makes a really neat loop ride.


4) I heard that one gas station is gone at Lathrop Wells but the other is still there (we need to confirm the status of the brothels too! wink.gif ) and we need to see if the gas station across from the Longstreet has Premium or any gas whatsoever (just north of what shows as Scranton, CA where the CA-127 becomes the NV-373, technically Amargosa Valley, but that is a very large geographic area). The Chevron station in Shoshone should still be there.


5) Just in general it would never hurt to compare the CA with the National Park with the NV gas prices so folks can plan better.


6) We could find out what's shaking at the Amargosa Opera House at Death Valley Junction just for grins and any other potentially interesting touristy stuff we can find (i.e. Tecopa Hot Springs, etc.).


7) Bring your Ouija Board for the field trip to Area 51.


8) Anybody got a Geiger Counter?? grin.gif

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Remember Titus and Wildrose conditions can change in an overnight rain storm. Not that it rains much in DV but a small amount can make Wildrose impassible for touring bikes. Also the ranger can tell you the condition.

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6) We could find out what's shaking at the Amargosa Opera House at Death Valley Junction just for grins


When I cruised by last Saturday nite the place was dark-a few cars parked in the motel parking lot. Kind of a far cry when the tourist busses would stop to see the old opera singer....


Steve in So Cal

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FYI, Marta Becket does have a performance scheduled for Saturday, Nov 17, 2007, in Amargosa.


It amazes me that she is still at it....

Good for her! thumbsup.gif


I hope you all have a great ride. I think the weather will be good, and the company will be even better.


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FYI, Marta Becket does have a performance scheduled for Saturday, Nov 17, 2007, in Amargosa.
That's amazing! I can't believe she's still alive, yet alone performing.


I'm packed up and ready to go! clap.gif


Unfortunately, Tom can't make it to the Pre-Run. frown.gif


But I'm meeting up with Bill Walker at 08:00 in Santa Ysabel for breakfast (anyone in the area is of course welcome to join us!) and then we're taking the "traditional" route out the back roads to DV. See the rest of you in Beatty!! thumbsup.gif

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Departing 0730 from Baja Northfork with CoarsegoldKid- Via Lake Isabella, Trona, Panamint Springs. MrDuck, We'll call ya with a progress report when we hit the east side of the Sierras..

See ya all in Beatty sometime in the late afternoon- early evening. thumbsup.gif

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