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Satelite interference


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Anyone run into the problem of your gps (2610) interfering with your XM radio (antenna)? I was just curious. Both of mine are located next to one another and my XM seems to go out every 30 seconds or so. I don't get the "aquiring satelites" message. It just skips out. I am using the mini antenna that Cycle Gadgets sells in in case it matters. Maybe the anteenna is too small. Not sure.


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Doubtful it is the GPS causing the problem. More likely the antenna doesn't have enough surface area or has a poor ground plane.


It could also be that the location of the antenna needs to change, not because of interference from the GPS but, your body or parts of your bike could be occluding the signal from the satellite and preventing it from reaching the antenna. The XM radio signal is tiny and fragile. The antenna must be able to discriminate it and then amplify it before the radio can even begin to decode it.


FWIW, my 2730 had the GXM antenna mounted right next to the top of the GPS and I have zero issues. That said, that setup is far superior, in terms of reception, to any XM system I have ever used (read as everything Delphi produced).

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