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Dissappointed in Autocom


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I am a long time user of Autocom and currently have a Pro Avi as well as 4 Pro M1s. I have one helmet with the 7 pin Pro Avi headset and 4 other helmets with 5 pin headsets. I just called Autocom to order an adapter cable that will allow the use of my 5 pin headset helmets with my Pro Avi and find out they don’t make one. They make the reverse, which allows the use of Pro Avi headsets with 5 pin systems but not the other way around. My guess is that they are just trying to force the purchase of 7 pin headsets. Does anyone know of a source for an adapter? I guess with the appropriate pin-outs I could build one but it’s a PITA.

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John, it's not quite as conspiratorial as that.


When Autocom went to the 7-pin headset, it was by separately grounding each speaker and the mic, as opposed to using a common ground for all three. And there were improvements on the drawing board for the main box (i.e. the new Active-Rider and Pro AVi) that would take advantage of these changes. Going from a 5-pin source to a 7-pin headset is easy. Going the other way is not possible because if you created only 5-contacts by combining the grounds as they were in the 5-pin system, you would cause all the current to channel through the amp and blow it up.


The 7-pin system was progress, as manifested in all the features that the Active and Pro have that the predecessors don't. And much the same as your AT286 video card won't work with your new Dell, sometimes progress leaves older technology in the dust.


It would seem that your solution would be to find a dealer who has 7-pin headsets on sale (hint-hint!), and put the 5-pin ones for sale either here or on E-bay for Pro-M1 owners (you may be interested to know that MSRP on new 5-pin headsets is $30 higher than the MSRP of 7-pin headsets, so don't just give 'em away . . .they have value!).

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I hate to burst your bubble, but there is a reason for no Adapter. The 5pin headsets can not handle the power output of the systems. You would simply blow the speakers. The second is the extra ground for the MIC. The headset are just an old design and are not make for all the new upgrades in the new system.

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