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MV - Mottarad Verholen Bar Risers - F800ST


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When Jamie and I were at the dealership the other day, she sat on an F800ST that had the MV Motarrad Verholen Bar Risers fitted.


She was duly impressed with how they changed her riding position. In particular, she felt they took a fair bit of strain from her back and shoulders away.


We got a set. Not cheap but if they help my baby feel better and more focused on the bike they are worth it.


Well, let's just skip to the last page of this book and say that THEY SUCK!!!!!!


They are going back as soon as they can. Although the idea is wonderful, and the construction of the pieces is very high quality, they are not thought through from a kit stand point.


Once I got them in place and started to put things back on it become very clear, very quickly, that the brake line is too short, the throttle cable is right at its limit, though functional, and the clutch is impossibly too short.


Thinking that it must be me dopeslap.gifdopeslap.gifdopeslap.gif, I just went to work at sorting it out.


Dropped the forks out and rerouted the brake line. Enough length now but requiring zip ties to hold the brake line out form a pinch point. Not ideal!!!


Press on. Nope!!!! Ain't gonna happen!


Called my dealership and spoke with the tech who installed the ones Jamie saw at the dealership. As it turns out, the tech was not impressed with the kit either. In order to get the kit to work, the tech had to dismantle the bike and re route the entire clutch cable to another route just to get any usable length.


He performed the same re route of the brake line and had the same concerns over the pinch points.


The tech agreed that the kit doesn't really function as well as it should. The design concept is good. The completeness and execution falls miserably short!


The bike will remain stock.


Sorry honey!!


A couple pics:


The risers on the bench:



Before and after:




Two thumbs down on this one!!

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I also tried risers on my F800ST and wasn't happy about the brake line being too tight with the bars to the left.


I had my dealer install R1150R bars and a lengthened brake line from Spiegler. This has created a perfect riding position for me.

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