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Corbin customer service. Is it always like this?


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Can anyone tell me what thier experience has been with Corbin? I placed a web order, had a question and can't get any response. I have left voicemails, ask a question on the order page, e-mailed, etc. and still no response. The confirmation said that they would contact me in two days about my order and is has been three with no repsonse to my one question. I am not going to start bad-mouthing them, but my order is right at $1000 and I would appreciate some answers. If response is this bad at the begining of the order process, I would be afraid to purchase and not get any support after the sale when I needed it. Is it always like this? Maybe I should cancel and shop elsewhere. I am in customer service and the lack of support or the inability to get a hold of the product manufacturer scares me. Any advice?



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My experience with Corbin on the whole has been good. They can be slow in responding and hard to reach, but stay on their case and I predict you will eventually get the information you need. Tell them you are not pleased with the service.


In the past, they had a bad rep for failing to deal with complaints from customers who bought from dealers, not from them directly. This led some shops to just stop carrying their products. Most people I know say it is a very different climate for those who buy direct from Corbin.

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Do a quick search--I recall several instances of folks complaining about "service after the sale" at Corbin. And based on what I've read, my first aftermkt seat will not be a Corbin.

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We have 2 Corbin seats. Granted, one was free as it was the prototype for the F800ST but all my dealings with Corbin have been excellent. They have called when they said they would and have addressed my questions within 3 - 4 business days.

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I've found that once you get someone on the phone they work much better. Get their name and then everything seems to go

much faster and smoother.




BTW...I have bought 6 Corbin seats.

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A friend had problems with a Corbin seat years ago and never got what they felt was proper satisfaction.

I've got a Corbin on my '89GS and like it. Not sure I spend that sort of money on an after market seat myself. For some what less you could get an Air Hawk, I love mine on whatever bike I move it to. I sometimes cover it with a Sheep skin to further the comfort factor.

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My position on this is well known... I have had 6 Corbin seats and have had no serious problems with them. That being said, make sure your expectations are reasonable and you are doign what you can to make sure they can be successful with you. Specifically, if you place an order by web, make sure you call during business hours the next day if possible. While they are one of the largest made-to-order seat manufacturers, they are still a small shop in the front end and have real-live peopel doing what they can to respond to al ltheir customers. Getting them on the phone is an immense improvement. I have always worked up my order on the web, but NOT submitted it - instead callign the shop directly to submit the order. Get a name, and ask when you are likely to hear from them. Then add half-again to their estimate. They are not lightening quick, but they do a very credible job of trying to take care of your problems, in my experience.


Mainly, just relax and don't be "expecting" what is essentially a custom product by any particular time. Make sure you take care of your end in providing them with the appropriate information and following up to make sure the order got properly placed in the queue.


They make a very fine seat that will last nearly forever. I *much* prefer dealing with Corbin over man of the other very-small shops. Read enough web-reviews and you will find haters on all sides of the custom seat world. Corbin is a quality product and a good company.



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I ordered a new seat for my R100 RS back in July. In September I called them and learned it had been ready for several weeks but someone forgot to ship it.


It's a great seat though. I guess stuff like that happens but it does make one wonder who is running the store.

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Jerry Johnston

I ordered a heated seat from them last year. It showed up in less than two weeks - only right seat but no heating elements. I didn't want to have to send it back and didn't feel heat was all that important. I called nad asked to be credited the difference in a heated vrs a non-heated - they did give me a credit of $400 in very short time.

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