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Alternate Frosty Ride - Adirondacks, VT, or NH 11/11


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Anybody out there interested in a ride this Sunday in the Adirondacks, VT or NH? I don't have a specific route in mind but there are lots of great roads out there and I'm betting we can get a nice 5-hour or so circle put together with help from others on the forum. Suggestions gratefully accepted. smile.gif


I'm based in Antrim NH so I can cut across southern VT or scoot up to the southern end of Lake Champlain. It looks as if the weather will be in the 40's so I will get a chance to test my new Gerbing jacket liner. grin.gif

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Saturday? Sunday is booked for me. If not this weekend I would be up for another. I have not looked at a map yet to see where you are but meeting in the middle could always work. I frequently ride in the Daks and love riding with others.

The traffic in the NY mountains is non-existent right now.


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Hi Eric, your last five hour ride was more like eight. Are you sure that GPS thing is working? grin.gif If it's not snowing & you're still riding I would like to go.



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I can't make it this Sunday either, but i would be up for another weekend before the snow flys. How about we meet next Sunday at Dots diner at the corner of RT 9 and 100 in Wilmington VT. If we set the meeting time for about 10:30 that should allow most people to get there. For me it's a 2 hour ride to dots which i'm ok with. If anyone is interested they can e-mail and we can try to come up with a plan.



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It's always a pleasure to ride with you. Do you have any preferred routes? I can get rolling by about 7 or 8 a.m. and don't have any particular places I want to go - the ride is the reason to go. I'll get my maps out tonight and see what makes sense. I'm also open to suggestions from all.

As I recall, that 8 hour ride involved a few (excellent) detours you suggested. thumbsup.gif I heard Mt Washington had 11 inches of snow the other day so we might skip that this time.

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