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New R1200RT


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I get my 08 R1200RT, Biarritz Blue this Friday or Saturday. Ordered it first of September and have gone through a great fall here in southern Germany just waiting for it to come in. Of course I have to drive it 3.5 hours from where I pick it up to home and wouldn't you know it weather is rain/snow in the evening. Better to get it than wait another week.


I have been reading posts for the past month so will answer the questions that I know will come.


Color - I know the silver is faster but the blue is quicker in the twisties that are so abundent in Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and eastern France. Also contrasts well with my yellow Olympia jacket. Maybe the locals will think I am the polizi (LEO for those from CA). grin.gif


Going to come home the back rodes so will natually not be running the same RPM during engine wear in.


I am prepared for FD Failure but look how much closer I am for delivery of replacement. tongue.gif


Farkle list is front lights for visibility along with rear fog light. Possible snow tires and chains!! lmao.gif



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Welcome to the board and congrats on your new bike! Since this is your first post and we don't know how long you've been lurking, allow me to point out that all new bike announcement posts are required to have (or be very closely followed by) accompanying photos. Or, as it often less politely stated:



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Congrats on your purchase!


This summer we spent a few weeks in Germany. Stayed in Gengenbach, somewhat near Stuttgart. Lots of great motorcycle roads in that area. We even got to speak to some weiße Mäuse.


Enjoy your ride.

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