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Note to Self


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From the pics it looks like mostly dried mud. Wonder how she'll look after a good bath?


Other than a blow to your pride, it sounds as though you survived okay.


Thanks for the reminder and sorry it came at your expense.

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S36 07.628 E148 48.472


ahhh yep,,, that definitely maps to the middle of a lake.... and nothing about it looks dry on Google Earth.


Looks like a nice area. Hope all goes well with your sore parts, and the bike. Looks like it will clean up ok.

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Looking at the globe I realize ya'll are standing on the bottom on the earth from my aspect. The blood must be pounding in ya'lls head something big time.

All things being equator, on the high side of the world we avoid the flat soggy parts when the rains come.

Glad you were able to save your booty.

In my SUV I always carry a shovel and tow strap for these badly imagined forays into the wild.

You da MAN. Ya'lls got the mud pack to prove it! lmao.gif

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Weiner Dog!!!!! You readin' this! lmao.giflmao.giflmao.gif


I didn't think it was that bad...I was waiting for a picture of the cow. grin.gif


There's alot of pristine plastic and really not alot of mud. I mean c'mon, if the OP was covered with mud where did it go? grin.gif Just kidding, he fell in a puddle! lmao.gif


I am just as guilty and salute your adventure, Sir! clap.gifclap.gif



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