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Ohlins preload adjuster location


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Hi all. I have recently had a set of Ohlins installed on my 07 1200RT and the location for the preload adjuster contained in the instructions (mounted right above exhaust can on left side) interferes with mounting the left side case. Temporarily, I repositioned it sitting loose under the seat but I am looking for a more permanent place to attach it. Appreciate any suggestions and pictures from the group. dopeslap.gif



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Ok, I looked at both those links. Great how to's. Thanks! I'm probably going to be going the Ohlin route at some point. But the reason I'm posting is a bit off toic. Those pictures kept having one thing jump out at me.... CARPET! Does Limecreek actually work on his bike in his family room or does he have carpet in his garage? lurker.gif

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With a little bending you can get the adjuster to fit perfectly under the rear seat. Given that I haven't adjusted mine in about a year, I can say that that location is very convenient! The neat thing I've found is that my Ohlins seem to be just perfect for me alone or with a passenger and luggage. Remarkable shocks!

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After all the positive comments on Ohlins, I've decided to go the Ohlins route.


I have an 06 R1200RT ESA. I've read Limecreeks Ohlin installation - part 1 & part 2 - . Is there a part 3 (setting the sag?) Where might I find that info.?


Thank you for your help!



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