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Route from SLC to UN?


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Just a day trip on the interstate if we come direct, about 8 hours of slab. That won't do. frown.gif


Can leave July 4, so looking for the best 4 1/2 day trip to John Day.


Maybe we'll shoot up to Jasper and work back down. A day to Calgary (July 4) on slab, a day up the Ice Fields Parkway (July 5). Places to stay? Is it too much for the time allowed?


Ok need some help from there: July 6, 7 and part of July 8 to John Day... how to go?


Also would be interested in any other PNW routes if this seems too long/too much. All suggestions welcome. We are not Iron Butt types. So far our longest day has been 430 miles, though that was secondary roads, 100+ F, and three passes. I think we can make Calgary in a day, but it might be pushing it.





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I haven't pulled out my map, but Jasper seems pretty far (for me). You could go up to Banff/Lake Louise and part way up the Icefields Parkway. Then come back down to Glacier National Park (USA) and take in Many Glacier and Going to the Sun Road (check on construction, they were working on it this past summer). Then take Lolo Pass from Montana to Idaho to Clarkston, WA (stop at Mac's Cycle - BMW dealer). Lolo Pass has my favorite road sign in the world - "Curves, Next 77 miles."


Or, you could go up the Oregon coast and catch a bunch of the Cascades Mountains volcanoes, like Mt Rainier, Mt St Helens, Mt Hood on your way back down to John Day. Lots of options.



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Well, I wouldn't go that far north when there is so much to see and ride closer to home. Early July Yellowstone traffic sucks - but what about other roads in Wyoming like the Chief Joseph (SR 296) and then the Beartooth in Montana? OK, kinda sucks again from Billings/Columbus to Butte but I-90 is actually kinda nice from there to Missoula and then Lolo Pass-> Lewiston. Or south on 93 over Lost Trail Pass, then 75 to Stanley, 21 to Lowman, Banks-Lowman Rd to 55. Maybe head over to the Snake and the dams. But when you are in John Day you can catch OR 7 and the Imnaha Rd.


What about heading to Mt St Helens and Mt Rainier? Or maybe even north to WA 20? Or go over to Crater Lake?


There are so many Scenic Byways that are +/- 200 miles of your route I think that's what I would build my trip around.


Mike Cassidy

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What about heading to Mt St Helens and Mt Rainier? Or maybe even north to WA 20? Or go over to Crater Lake?

Our UnCommittee is planning on putting together some "best of the NW" roads/routes just for purposes such as this. Seeing the volcanoes is a big highlight. Likewise that Hwy 20 all across WA state is a great ride.

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On , unless we find a bucket of money somewhere and can pick up a couple of GS's.


Short bits of good dirt that you can ride on an RT would be OK. I like to avoid roads with heavy gravel and steep grades on the RT blush.gif

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I would like to ride some fun roads and not get stuck on slab for the entire way. It looks to me like there are a number of options through Wyoming and Idaho, or even Canada as Jan suggests. So, for me, speed is not really an issue unless I can't speed (just a little) part of the way.

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