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Exhaust Modification


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Being the typical cheap BMW owner, do not want to spend big bucks for a aftermarket exhaust.


Most times I am happy with the quiet. Sometimes maybe a little hooligan and want more noise. Been thinking about putting 3 evenly spaced holes in the rear of the muffler, maybe drill and tap 3/8 NPT so can be plugged.


Has anyone tried something like that, and was it successful or did it whistle or something annoying like that.


Alternate would be to remove the muffler from head pipe and have local muffler shop bend a pipe to go under tranny and then mate with a 2" core Megaphone Supertrapp muffler that can be adjusted with discs. They can weld in fitting for o2 sensor, this does remove the cat and I do have mixed feelings about that. The pipe would be mostly hidden, could be painted black or something so not a rusting mess.


Winter project maybe? Comments



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You can build a system with a Two Brother headpipe and a muffler of your choice from a sport bike and purchased on e-bay.


Alternatively you can cut out the baffel in the stock system.


Both of these options are in the "files" on this site.

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I have seen this modification once, (drilling 3 evenly spaced holes in tail pipe)no proformance change, did have a slight tone change to exhaust. thumbsup.gif

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