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MOTO GP - Phillip Island


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Saturday. All roads lead to the Island.



Phillip Island itself backs onto Bass Strait…..so it can get a bit chilly. Sitting in the Siberia stand I had my Aerostich Darien pants over my jeans, a windproof fleece underneath my Streetguard jacket and a balaclava…..and I was still COLD and know why it is called Siberia eek.gif!!!!!



Lukey Heights



Race day Sunday. The weather has cleared up and Siberia is quite pleasant in the sun. clap.gif


The Ducati two seater. Randy Mamola and some unsuspecting victim. Last year he had Rupert Murdoch’s (owner of News Corp,20th Century Fox etc )son Lachlan on the back and pulled a wheelie down the main straight at about 270km/h. I am sure I heard a scream. This year he had one of our local touring car drivers (who when interviewed said he forget to breathe due to the acceleration and braking) and one of the F-18 pilots who do flyovers during the weekend ( he stated it was the closest thing to what he does in the air on the ground)


Lorenzo is away in the 250 cc race below



Mick Doohan, Kevin Macgee and Daryll Beattie. Australian 500cc legends. Wayne Gardiner was getting married


Shortly after start of the big one


All these guys were chanting “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry”. One for you Jerry Mather thumbsup.gif


There were two of these…….electric beer kegs. One in Vermuelen colours and one in Stoner’s colours. Classic cool.gif


Post race shots



Sunday night sans camera I was in Cowes (the main town on the island) sitting in an Italian restaurant and who walks in and stands behind my mate sitting opposite me……Loris Capirossi. I was almost taller than him sitting down. Do ya think they take 6’4” ( I won't mention the weight )riders in Moto GP???? lmao.gif

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