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Care and feeding of your seat???


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What are you doing to preserve the life of your leather seat?


Be it a Corbin, Russell, or some other brand, what do you do?


Maintenance, weather, etc.


What are you using? How often?


TIA!! wave.gifwave.gif

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I love the Montana Pitch Blend products.


I use the Leather Dressing once every few months, and the Leather Oil and Conditioner on a semi-monthly basis or as needed if the leather looks dry. Several leather seats later they all look great.

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So JT where can I get this stuff locally (here in LA).

I'd like to dress my new used Vanson jacket.


Unfortuantely you cant frown.gif


I have used it on my Fox Creek LEather jacket for over three years now. It is fantastic on suple leathers like that and your Vanson. thumbsup.gif


There are a couple of e-tailers that sell their products, but last time I jsut ordered straight from them. If you want a true leather soap, theirs is very good as well, but you dont really need it for jackets and seats, IMHO. I would get the Leather Oil and Conditioner for your jacket, unless you are realyl wanting to seriously weather/waterproof it, in which case get the Dressing as well. I have both but only once felt the need to use the Dressing on the JAcket.


BTW, Montana Pitch Blend has a great smell to it... kind of natural slightly pine-scented leather - very distinctive and very nice.


Just follow the link in my above post and buy straight from them. IT ships fast and is worth every penny, IMHO.




PS: You have to love a very effective product whose ingrediants are just pine-pitch and mink oil: no silicone or petroleum products in it at all. clap.gif

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I did some research on this a few years ago. I learned that "saddle soap" is not good, it leaches out the natural oils. I also learned (but I don't have a reference) that one should treat leather like what it is, "skin". Therefore any good body soap should work just fine. I use Ivory on my leather products. However after glancing at one of the following links, I may switch to Dove. Here's some links that might help:

How to clean leather

Leather care tips

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