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How do you lube the speedometer drive cable?


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All cables on BMWs are designed to run dry. The sheath is teflon lined and adding lube just gives something for dirt to stick to, wearing the cables rather than protecting them.


The lower drive just needs a bit of grease every now and then - I do it when I change the tyres.



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...but if you still want to grease it you can take the inner cable out from the wheel end.


Remove the Philips screw holding the cable into the speedo drive box. Carefully slide out the inner cable. Wipe it clean with a little white spirit, petrol or brake cleaner, Smear grease over the whole length then wipe it off the last 3-4" at the speedo end. You don't want grease getting into the speedo head. Slide the inner cable back in rotating it slightly so that it locates into the speedo drive. Re-fit at the wheel end.


Whether this will make it last or not I don't know. Some seem to break at about 12-15,000 miles. Others last forever. Personally I think the bend just behind the front wheel is a little tight.

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