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Anybody know if Cee-Bailey's is back to normal yet?


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I know they were having some problems a few weeks/months ago. I was wondering if anyone has used them recently. My Aeroflow is about one strong wind gust from cracking completely in half, and I'm going to be needing a new windshield sooner rather than later.

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I ordered a screen for my R12ST in late Sept. or early Oct. The screen arrived in something like 2 weeks and I had no problems fitting it to my bike.


I like the windscreen (it is the "Euro" style), and it works fine for me. All I was looking for was to keep the wind off my chest and neck in the winter months, so my standards may be a lot less ummmm, demanding than those of some other folks.



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Good to know.....thanks. Sounds like they are back to their normal delivery times then. I know some people were having real problems with them this past summer.

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Sounds like you're asking re windscreens. My experience was with a seat. Sent it in late Spring, got it back quickly but the result was terrible. I could go 100 miles or so max and then severe butt pain would be unbearable.


Sent it back to them during the summer after emailing and talking w/the head of their seat program. He moved it to the front of the (long) summer line, redid it himself and sent it back quickly. Seat is just fine now--500, 600 miles no problem.


Don't know if this pertains to what you're asking about, but thought I'd toss in my experience.

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