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Motolights Caliper mount on R1100RT Question


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I just picked up a set of used motolights caliper mount driving lights.The set came without instructions.


Can anyone tell me which of the brake caliper bolts they are supposed to mount on a 1999 BMW R1100RT?

Anyone have pictures of their installation?

What length socket head bolt is used?


Thank you.

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Suggest you contact Motolights. They are very helpful. You cannot use just any bolt with the correct thread and length. Motolights supplies the correct strength bolts with their kits. They will probably sell you the correct ones for very little. They can provide the instructions as well.

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They will charge you $10 for the bolts and shipping. Be sure to specify your bike, year and model several times to them, as I had to find out the hard way (3 attempts to get it right). They eventually get it, but it's frustrating shipping things back and forth. Instructions are on their web site. Also be sure you have the correct mounting brackets , the 1100's and 1150's have different diameter holes.

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I am adding this to the thread for others that may search in the future for this information.


Update from Motolight -Adding Brake Caliper Motolights to a 1999 BMW R1100RT:


The caliper light can be mounted in either the upper or lower bolt position of the brake caliper, most people mount in the upper, unless fender or other clearance issues arise.


The bolt size for a 1999 BMW R1100RT is 10mm x 1.5mm x 50mm you also need a 10mm lock washer. Motolight suggests that you order the bolts from them as their bolts exceed mfg specs. $10.00 including shipping.


Thanks again to all that responded.

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