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Terrible cross-winds & 800 bras


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Bras on the Kaw


Today I HAD to cruise up to Lawrence, Kansas to see 800 bras strung across the Kaw River. No question, I had to see this.


Anyhow, in Kansas you can get into some terrific cross-winds. I was riding K24/40 up the Kaw River valley. The winds were blasting 90 degrees to my side. Anytime I cleared a tree line the wind howling over a 1000 acre field would about blow me off of the highway. I know from what I have read here that some other States have some bad wind problems. Kansas, however has to rate up there with the best (worst) of them.


I read some posts here on how to deal with cross-winds and the info really helped. I never knew to stick my knee out on the windward side. I did that and what a difference! I also rode as loose as I could. That really helped too. I made it! Took a picture. Thanks for the ride tips!




800 Bras



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not gonna touch this one...
Just don't go to the next picture after the bra shot on the Flikr link. Trust me. Don't do it.
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skinny_tom (aka boney)
It seems that somewhere in Kansas 1600 uncovered unmentionable body parts must have been flapping in the breeze!



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