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Radio/audio options


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Just got an 02 r1150rt w/o a radio. It has the speakers and antenna. Has anyone ever tried to hook up satellite radio to the stock rt speakers? Is it even possible?





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Are you sure your bike has speakers behind the dash? I thought that radio-ready bikes were sold with antennae but no radio or speakers.


My bike came with radio and speakers, and I rarely used them, so I took them out. I suppose it's possible that a previous owner removed the radio and not the speakers, but I bet few people would do that.

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Yeah, I have the same bike. I toyed w/ the idea of doing a radio or XM or something. Ended up selling the radio chasis and speeakers on eBay. Have my iPod Nano on a RAM mount and Etymotic ER6i earbuds, couldn't be happier and I have a glove box to boot! grin.gif Good luck, but it proved to be too much of a pain in the arse for me.

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Assuming you had the speakers in their boxes (about $400/each if not), you would still need an amplifier capable of powering those speakers in order for your music to be heard. Satellite radios the do not have amplifiers.


You're better off getting a nice pair of Arizona Al earplugs made and connecting those straight into the satellite radio.

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