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New Guzzi!


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I was in Denver on Oct 10th, rode down there on my Guzzi. Like a fool I stopped into Erico Motorsports and they made me test ride the new Norge (pronounced Nor-gay, means "Norway" in Norweigan). Of course I traded in my '01 California on the new bike. Very much like riding an 1150RT except lighter, quicker, even better handling, and better spread between 4th, 5th and 6th gears. Fit and Finish is very good, nothing like the Old Guzzis, which were somewhat ragged around the edges. I think I'm going to enjoy her a lot, probably ride her as much as my RT. When I take some photos i'll post.


Bob clap.gif

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Pretty Bike!


Found these two write-ups...

Web Bike World


Not quite sure why you wouldnt go with an R1200RT for less weight, better balanced engine and power. Not to mention better dealer network, ease of sourcing parts, better aftermarket support - unless, of course, you were looking for an RT that *wasn't* an RT.



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I was looking at the Guzzi myself before I choose the RT. Decision was made due to the dealer not the bike. Very nice bikes. Congrats! Hope you enjoy the bike as much as I am enjoying the RT.

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Rode the Norge, refrigerator, back in May at the Guzzi rally in Prescott,,,before the test fleet became submerged at the Guzzi National,,,Nice bike. felt way better than the Grisso.

Looks lovely, handles well. Has good displays. And It's a Guzzi. Means no dealers, betcha only 1-2 years of production. Instant collectable. lmao.gif

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Is it true you must remove tupperware to access dipstick (Yes I know it's a straight line). But seriously.


When you first buy the bike this is the case (believe it or not) One of those VERY Italian things that they don't quite finish before releasing the model. When I did my break in maintenance I installed the extended dipstick from Teo Lammers ( via moto international in Seattle) $85.00, which clears this design boo-boo up nicely.


It is very true that the dealer representation is poor, even worse than BMW. But I do not have a BMW, Triumph, or Guzzi dealer in the State of Wyoming, which is a real big place and I live in the middle of it. I do all my own wrenching and enjoy it almost as much as riding.


Why buy the Guzzi instead of the new RT? Because I have to have a Guzzi, of course, (I have had one since 1986) and I love my '04 RT still, and the Guzzi looks like Sophia Loren in a red satin dress! thumbsup.gif


The remark about two years for the model run is way wrong, this model is selling faster than any Guzzi model in many years.


I'll get the pictures pretty quick.

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I have had the same Guzzi since 87' myself. Can't say BMW's dealer network is anything to brag about either. Since you have to be a large well financed boutique dealer to satisfy BMW now days. We would have had a dealer in my town a long time ago except for their difficult requirements to meet. Luckily I do my own wrenching too since I have owned my Guzzi, one of my 2 Triumph's and my present BMW without a dealer closer than 2 hours. Anyway the new Guzzi's are really nice handling machines. I'd trade the steering of a 1100 Breva for my ST's, just not the motor yet. I haven't ridden the Norge with it's 1200 motor yet. I'd say with the handling of the latest Moto Guzzi frames, they will really be getting close to BMW with the development of the new 4valve motor on the horizon. Not everthing is in the Guzzi's favor in BMW's defense. The bump response of the BMW telelever and handling with comfort is a plus.


What color did you score Fatbob? I really like the red ones. See attachment for those who haven't seen one in person yet.


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Sweet looking bike from the pictures on the link. Looking forward to see your pictures. I've always been attracted to the looks of a Guzzi. There is something about the look of that engine... thumbsup.gif

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