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Well, i planned to do a short 150km trip this morning.

I ended up doing over 450km - near the jordanian border.


Roads = bliss (maybe a little bumpy...)

Views = stunning

Cages = almost none clap.gif


Time for a little nap, i think grin.gif







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He sounds tired....give him a chance to rest up.




Please post any pix you have of anything in your part of the world.


We would love to see em.






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I concur!


More please! These are fascinating pictures from a part of the world most of us haven't gotten to see.

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First of all - thank you all for your comments.

You're a great bunch and i love posting here.


I was riding solo on the border between Israel and Jordan (close to lake Kineret, for those of you that have been here...)


Unfortunately i could not take too many pictures as it is a very dangerous area and stopping can be a "little" bit bad for your health, if you catch my drift frown.gif

Even civilian cars can be hostile - so as soon as i saw one the speedo climbed north....fast.


I am planning another run next week - so i'll map out a better route and stop for more pictures.

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