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Anyone use these? What do you think of em'?


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I have not tried the Touratech brand, but I have used various bags from Eclipse, RKA, and T-Bags in the past.



- Soft bags tend to hold more as they can conform to odd sized things and are much more easily "overstuffed".

- Much lighter than hard case, and weight up high and to the rear is undesirable.



- Not perfectly waterproof

- Takes some creativity and trial and error to get them securely and positively mounted yet not scratch paint.

- Not as fast on and off

- Not as easy to clean


Bottom line, I like the hard tail case that came with my RT, but I will be making a backrest/mount to hold my T-Bag for two up camping trips where we need much more capacity.

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I run a small MotoFizz seat bag on my RT, and I am very happy with it. Just the right size to carry my laptop to work everyday, with room left over. Also nice to have the bottle holders. It's not waterproof, but it's held up well for me in moderate rain, and it does come with a rain cover.

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I use both the Touratech tail and passenger seat bag on my 07 R1200RT. They are excellent. Real easy to use, fit solidly, and are well designed.


The tail bag never leaves the bike. Gotta have it.


The passenger seat bag is real nice to have but not a mainstay.


They were just what I was looking for. I highly recommend them.

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