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quiet ear plugs vs others


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This is the first I've heard of using ear plugs for motorcycle riding, and have tried every kind I have in the gun collection, plus every option sold by walmart. I find every one I've used so far too painful to wear for more than 30 minutes or so, but did feel the benefits enough to be worth my time to find a set more comfortable to my smaller ear canals. I also had a pair of expensive, custom molded ones made, did not like wearing those either.


Just wondered if anyone has tried these, or had options for plugs not readily available due to cost?



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If your ear canals are especially small, you might try Hearo's brand, which is sold at KMart among other places. I found that it's a much softer and more compressible foam than most. It's also more expensive, so I use the cheaper Moldex Pura-Fit instead.


BTW, if you have a flex-spending medical account at work, you can probably use it to buy your earplugs using pre-tax dollars.


There's are webbikeworld articles on earplugs and how to wear them. Click the links on the page to get to additional articles.

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Etomics has a new model out called 'Baby Blues' that are made especially for small ear canals. These are musicians ear plugs and work great on a motorcycle as they let the sounds through that we need to hear while blocking enough to make a big differince. I believe they may be rated around 20 for noise redction, don't quote me on that.


I, too, have trouble wearing ear plugs for any length of time but have found the Etomics to work well for me. These were reviewed recently in the BMWON magazine.

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I've been very pleased with Pacific Coast Labs in San Leandro, CA. The have an in house ear-mold lab and also produce a range of specialized audio equipment for police radios and such. As with all custom plugs you need an ear impression taken. They do them right in their shop and a set of ear plugs is only about $70 including the impression.

The guy that owns the place is very willing to do custom work if you wanted a mold built for a bluetooth receiver or something special built for a radio.


1 866 777-1133


lab location: http://tinyurl.com/2edxx8


The web doesn't mention the custom ear molds very well but they do custom colors, etc..




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