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Autocom Question


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I'm thinking about buying an Autocom Super Pro AVi for my second bike, but I'm not sure how to interface it with my Baehr headset installed in my helmet that I use when I ride. The Baehr uses a 5-pin DIN connector and the Autocom uses a 7-pin connector (I thought). But when I looked at the "360 view" of the Autocom system on their website, it shows both a 7-pin and 5-pin DIN connector (http://www.autocomamerica.com/super_pro_avi.cfm). Does anyone have an Autocom with the 5-pin DIN connector? Does anyone know if it's possible to use a helmet with the (Baehr) 5-pin connector on an Autocom system? TIA confused.gif

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You should contact Autocom USA. I don't know if an Autocom system can be interfaced with a Baehr headset. It's not the issue of the connectors. It's more the issue of the pinouts, the impedence differences, etc.


Call 888-851-4327 and ask for the Tech Desk. They'll be better able to answer your questions.

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The Autocom SuperPro AVI does use both a 5-pin as well as the 7-ping connectors. The 5-pin DIN connector is for the bike-to-bike radio interface ... including the Push-To-Talk adapter. The helmets (rider and passenger) use the two 7-pin DIN connectors.


Definitely check with Autocom America to see if they have an adapter for using your existing headsets with the Super Pro.

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I believe Autocom makes a 7 to 5 pin adapter to allow the new 7 pin systems to work with the older Autocom 5 pin headsets but as Fernando says, the issue will be the pinouts. Check them

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