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Running light indicator?


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I believe these are the PIAA running lights, mounted low near the front axle. There is no LED to indicate when the lights are on. Seems to me for $450+, it would have come with some kind of power indicator.


I'd rather not be starting the bike with them on, and would like to add an LED indicator somewhere.


Is that an easy splice with a simple after market LED, or something needed to be done by the dealer?



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Are you thinking of Motolights?


/If they are that low, just leave them on all the time.


/If they aren't already wired properly, they shouldn't come on until the engine is running.

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I thought the factory PIAA wiring harness had a light on the switch assembly?


Regardless, any 12v LED could be mounted where you want it and wired into the wires running to one of the lights itself.

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