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What New toy to get.......


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I was just informed by my 7 year old that I promised to get him a motorcycle once he learned how to ride his bicycle....

The wife insists that I also get a "dirt Bike" so we can ride together...... clap.gifdopeslap.gifclap.giflmao.gif


HMMMMMM.... what to do, what to do,,,,,

What do you guys think is the best choice for Dirt as well as the occasional Alaska Excursion

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Calvin  (no socks)

I hadn't been on the dirt in years... Boney and Luke rode into Torrey via dirt on KTM 640s with stories from the desert...Whip let me ride his 950 Advenuture on the Burr trail...... then I fixed and rode Killers KLR 650 in Torrey last May....Hooked again...


I just looked at a 08' KTM 530 this week..... I never even took possession of the used KTM 520 I had on lay-away....am in the process of working out the deal...Possible trade of my pristine 916 toward a dirt-bike/enduro... KTM Dealer 1.5 miles from my house...They have bikes from 50cc and up...Stay out of the showroom....DAMHIK dopeslap.gif

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Whatever you get, make sure it's street legal so you can sneak off to the North Georgia Mountains and ride the Forest Service routes. It's awesome!!


I have the Suzuki DRZ400 which is a great lightweight bike for those roads, and also great for putting around behind your son.


Have fun with the search!

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Do one of you guys want to adopt me? Even if I held my breathe until I turned blue, noone here would buy me a dirt bike.

I need someone to spoil me rotten.

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Xr50 or xr 70 for your son and get an XR400 with a street plate or a DRZ400 with a plate for your self.

Then be sure to buy every pad known to man for both of you.

The bikes are cheap it's the rest of the gear that costs clap.gif

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