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advice on thermometer/voltage panel, name a good one


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I am wanting to add a thermometer/voltage gage to the dash of my '04 R1150RT. Is there any particular one which is really good? Also a couple of questions; I want to power this from a CenTech Fuse Panel which is mounted between my handlebars.I would power the gage directly from the fuse panel and my other question is: if I connect the voltage meter to the fuse panel, will the battery condition "reading" be as accurate as it would be if it were connected directly to the battery? I would like to see photos of other thermometer mounts.

Thanks for all input.

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I cant recommend a good one, but I can recommend one to stay away from tongue.gif


As long as there is not a great load on the wire leading to the fuse panel &/or this wire is properly or over sized, the meter should be accurately reading battery condition.


I mounted mine under the dash left of center.


Heres Aerostich's version.

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The web page about the Aerostich meter has two very negative comments about how that product fills with water when it gets wet! Sounds like that is definitely one to avoid.


The Radio Shack meter does not appear to be designed for motorcycles, and I would think mounting it could be awkward.

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I placed an inexpensive voltmeter that displays the current voltage through a series of colored lights. It's very stealthy but the lights are visible except when sunlight is hitting the radio speaker panel directly, then I block the light with my hand and I can see the status lights again.


See link to blog entry:


voltmeter install


I use a cheapo thermometer with an external probe that I also got from an auto parts store. Here's a pic of it, the backlighting on it sucks, and I am still looking for a good spot for the remote probe. It usually reads 6-10 degrees higher than actual temps.



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I had the product mentioned above that is available from Aerostich. It was a disappointment, and is definitely NOT recommended.


Now I've got Kisan's ChargeGard monitor (info here) but I haven't hooked it up yet or tested it. It monitors volts, amps and temp. It wires directly to the battery so that you can get readings without having the key in the ignition. Pretty pricey, but it seems robust. I'm planning to write something up on it after I have a chance to install and test it.

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Remounting the LEDs from one of the typical multi-LED voltage testers seems like a good idea. Tells you all you really need to know as a charging system health check and is simple, inexpensive, and totally waterproof.

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I mounted mine under the dash left of center.
As did I. But I used this unit from Aerostitch mini Thermometer




Works great and is fairly accurate. The key to thermometers is getting an EXTERNAL probe. It took me a few experiments to locate a proper position (I tried inside the mirror housing for example and it gets to hot in there; to the top of mirror and it picks up wind chill temps) I eventually attached it the the rear fo the antenna mast and it is very accurate there. The cheap ones you mount to the triple tree pick up heat from the oil cooler.




Mike O


(P.S. - I've soaked this unit while washing the bike and it never leaked nor had a problem)

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