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Picked my 02K1200LT Sat. It has a few issues, The grips have split, and the cruise does not want to activate all the time. I would like to get the rubber off the heating elements, as they still work, and go with after market grips. The seller bought some BMW grips, but they are not heated. Any help would be great!

Tks, Steve



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Well, I got the clutch side grip off and used the non heated cover on it. The throttle side I will leave for now. I still have trouble with he cruise control. It refuses to work all the time. If I disengage with the brake or clutch, it wants to wait a few minutes before working again. dopeslap.gif

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To replace the grip on the throttle side do the following:


Go buy an unheated throttle grip for an R1200C. Use some WD 40 or compressed air to remove the rubber grip from the plastic throttle tube. Clean out the rubber grip and apply some adhesive (anything from hairspray to shaving cream to silicone). Slide the rubber grip on to the LT throttle tube.


Cruise control: Find out if you have the new style or old style throttle cables. If you have the old ones, you should replace them with the upgraded new style cables.


After you have the new cables, you'll need to adjust the cable tension and the microswitch located over the throttle bodies (you'll need to loosen the gas tank for this which entails taking all of the tupperware and the stingray off). Loosen the microswitch and push it all the way toward the center of the bike. Also check the microswitch on the clutch. Before you put it all back together, run the diagnostic test that can be found on bmwlt.com


Let me know if you have more quesitons.

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You can also go with the Kuryken ISO grips. The BMWLT.com site is has the direction list there. You can also find the directions with photos for taking off the tupperware there as well.


Their site is much busier than here (no offense intended folks!) and has a wealth of info. If you have a problem with your LT, that site will have the answer.


Good Luck!


Rob VB

2003 K1200LT

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