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sticky stuff.....


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Any suggestions for resticking my hyperlytes on KLR 650??? After last w/e and the rattling off of my plates and my reflectors on an AZ back road does anyone have any ideas how I could mount the lights w/o using the supplied tape??? So......

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Tape is so last century!


use a silicon type of sealant. You know what I'm talking about. The stuff in a foil like tube.

Scuff up the back of your Hyper lights a bit (if they are really smooth) apply sealant. Place in desired location. Use masking tape to hold in place until cured. Your done. Make sure both surfaces are really clean though. No oil, wax or dirt in the way.

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Duh!!!!!!!!! I went to ACE Hardware today and bought some of the stuff to use elsewhere!!!!!! It's that old two heads thing....TY Dave

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