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Storage in the southwest


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Hi All,

It's mid fall up here now, days are getting darker, leaves are almost all down from the tress, skies grey, temps and rain all over the place.


It's got me thinking about how to survive winter without the bike.


I've been toying with the idea of taking one last ride to the southwest, where i'd ride around a bit, then put the bike into winter dealer storage ( and a layaway servicing ).


That way I'd be able to take a break in winter and hopefully get some riding in, before coming down in early spring to pick her up again and ride home.


Has anyone done this, did it work out? Anyone have any recommendations on a dealer where winter never hits that hard.


It's 75 bucks a month at my local dealer for winter storage.


What's it like down there in mid-winter.. say in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada?


Am i crazy? ( If i'm not now, i certainly will be by February !!) lmao.gif

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Calvin  (no socks)

I just ran into a couple riding BMWs parked at a storage unit near work yesterday. They were from Quebec. They were touring Florida and then will store the bikes in a mini storage, fly home and return in the spring...It got me to thinking about southwest storage myself... lurker.gif

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I got extra room here at the house. Last year a friend from ATL left his bike here with plans to go to Mexico. No problem.


San Antone has very few days you can't ride.


Big Bend, Hill Country, New Mexico, all doable from my house. Airport is easy to get in and out, only 25 minutes from my house.




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We were intending to ride ours down to Phoenix to my mom's place weekend of November 10 for the occasion of her wedding, and leave them there for some winter rides, but now she has postponed the affair due to an unrelated family issue and we are thinking we might not do it.


I guess this is obvious, but you'd need to pull the battery and put it on a tender, you'd need to treat the fuel, and of course the location needs to be reasonably secure, reasonably accessible, and have a place to plug in your tender. I think that's pretty doable.


Go for it.

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I have NOT found any of the storage space companies in the greater Phoenix area that will provide an electrical outlet in a 5 x 10 space, which is just the ideal size in which to store a bike. The downside to the commercial spaces comes in the summer when these cubicles can reach temperatures over 130 degrees, which is tough on rubber and leather. That tidbit then forces one into looking for both an electrical outlet and some form of cooling. Prices go up quickly even for spaces with swamp coolers.

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About 5 years ago my wife and I were touring in Canada and stopped at a small town which happened to have a downtown festival that day. As we walked the streets I noticed a woman with a t-shirt with a motorcycle, "Ride across Russia" and some russian type lettering on the back . We stopped and chatted awhile. They had taken a trip across Russia from one side to another. The t-shirts were give aways. Quite a story they told!


It turns out that this couple has four or five bikes in storage all over the world. They hop on a plane and go to where the bikes are and travel! If I recall, they keep them in Argentina, Germany, Australia and somewhere in the far east. They keep them in self storage facilities. All their bikes are 10 - 15 year old BMW's that can be fixed without being a computer wizard. Each location has a simple tool kit and he said that it takes him a day or two to service the bike and charge the battery.


Quite an interesting conversation and a great concept!



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