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2002 R1150RS - did they all have servo brakes. ?


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I am fuzzy on the 1150RS with ABS.

Did they all come with electric servo brakes ?

If not, when was the last model year without it ( regular ABS non servo ). Tnx.

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What you want, is an '01 or earlier R1100RS. Same bike, but with 50 less cc's (which you'd probably never notice anyway) and normal ABS brakes.


All of the 1150RS's had servo brakes.

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The good part of the brake setup on the R1150RS is that the brakes are only "partially linked". The hand brake activates both wheels, but the pedal activates rear brake only. The R1150RT is "fully linked", means hand or foot activates both wheels.

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Thanks all. I was looking at a sweet deal on an 1150RS, I have a '94 RS but will not go to servo brakes if I can avoid it.

Too bad for me.


Paul's right, by the way...the 1150RS has the partially linked system instead of the fully-linked system that was inflicted upon the RT.


Personally...I've ridden both bikes (1100/1150RS) and don't see much difference. If I had a perfectly good '94 RS, I wouldn't be remotely interested in an 1150RS.


Now...the R1200ST, which is the RS's replacement...that's a different story.


The ST is a fairly big jump from the R11XXRS and would be worth consideration if you came across a good deal.

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Yes, the ST has a big advantage now the servos are ditched.

But when you see a 2002 20K miles R1150RS for $6K and the used ST's are running $11K it's hard not to want the 1150. Heck, I could sell my 94 RS for $6K up here and trade up 8 yrs newer for next to nothing.

I rode the ST and still prefer the RS for ergos and Labrador quality roads. Must be a luddite.

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