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Im thinking of buying a clr 1200 2003 ,, need some advice


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I had a 1150rt and sold her as i couldnt reacj the ground,,also had no back support..

Just got an opprtunity to purchase a clr1200 , blue with 22.5k on the clock,,

1] they are a dealership and asking 8k ,, I told him 7 and he flinched,, is that a good price,, bike has new tires and is mint,,


BIG QUESTION,, Bars seem to far away for me,, can i get them closer..?

different bars? pull back..? what does that mean for the hoses / wiring / cables...? looked like a nitemare at first glance...

how much $$ for parts,, i can do most anything as far as labor,,


Any Advice much appreciated..

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Were I you, I would look for a nice R1200R; R1150R; or R1100R. Then with the money I had saved, I would outfit her with bags and windshield, and if she was too tall, I would opt for lowered shocks and/or lowered seat. An RT light as has been coined here before.

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If you mean the R1200CL, ride it first. No oomph.
Funny, that's what folks on the ST, FJR and (new) Connnie say about the 12RT. The 12CL is BMW's version of the HD "dresser". Like they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! thumbsup.gif
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I have a R1200CL. It gets you where you need to go. My RT is faster, but I like the CL. You can do some mods to it, but if your are looking for a quick bike some of the other suggestions sound prudent.


Why can I not get these instant graemlins to work?

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