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Bag for tail rack?


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Somedays, like today, I didn't want/need the hard luggage on the bike, and didn't want the tank bag in front of me either.


Anyone using a soft quick attach/detach storage device for the rear rack? Something to hold my polar fleece vest, etc? The factory tank bag almost...fits there but not quite. Now that would be just too convienent, eh?


Jim W.

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Hi Jim,

I picked up the BMW Motorrad Sports Soft Tail Bag 19l during the summer and have been very happy with it. Here's a linky


Fits well over the tail rack on my RT and comes with 3 different strap lengths. I have mine strapped to the RT grab rail.


It's big enough to hold a helmet and light fleece jacket.


ps: i'm thinking of getting the larger duffle as well, but i tried it before and i think i remember it doesn't fit well over the seat. If you change your mind and go for the duffle, I'd recommend you check the fit first.



( hope i did the url thingy right ) crazy.gif

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Thanks everyone...the 'linky' thing worked Simon...I suppose the K bike rack stuff works on the R as well?


And I remember now about the Marsee sale...thanks for reminding me Keith!!


Jim W.

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Actually i can recommend both thumbsup.gif


BMW tail bag works great on the RT, and i have a 19ltr pocket rocket tank bag on the tank as well, which also is a great piece, with the one exception of the map pocket, which is finicky and a pain. wrong shape too.. until they start making oval maps anyway..



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Thanks again Keith, ordered the tail bag and the courier bag, got the discount!! Heck of a deal.


Jim W.


thumbsup.gif I didn't notice the courier bag until I had already placed my order.......otherwise I would have got one of those too

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Speaking from recent personal experience, I wouldn't trust the built-in bungee hooks on a tail pack, especially if you're going to be riding "at speed". At a minimum, put a solid strap over the bag to keep it secure.


I just replaced my lost Cortech tail pack with a Helen Two-Wheels Clothes Sack and straps. No fancy pockets, but it's waterproof and it'll tie down securely.

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I kew a guy that had his tailbag come loose and get wrapped up in his rear wheel locking it up at 100mph. He slid into into a lowside while trying to get it stopped.


Defnitely use a nylon strap over the top or a cargo net pulled tight wiht 6 hooks. Never trust regular bungees.



Another good option (As mentioned above)is just a simple dry bag. Campmor also has a wide variety. Most come in 5or6 sizes, and you can get compresson dry bags as well. It could pack a fleece jacket into a size that will almost fit under the passenger seat. Then just ties it down with 1/2" nylon quick release straps. They have loops built into the bags for anchoring.


Best of all when you aren't using the dry bag, just fold it up and stick it under the passenger seat. IF you buy a T-shirt of souviniers on your trips or anything else that won't fit, just ties it down. I now always carry a bag and straps to tie stuff down to the top of my Givi case. It's amazing what you can pile on a bike with enough straps and bags.

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