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MotoGP Phillip Island Australia


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Rick Mayer and I are riding around in Australia after attending the MotoGP races on Phillip Island, south of Melbourne. I have enjoyed the friendly people and stunning scenery. Photos at www.r1150rt.smugmug.com


A couple of things I have learned:

1) Keep Left!

2) Kangaroos must be related to deer.

3) Australians wouldn't drink Foster's if their life

depended on it.

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Cool! I am so jealous. Australia is definitely high on my list of places I want to visit before I die.


How was the Phillip Island experience? Have you been to a US GP live to compare? I'll bet it was a thrilling spectacle, especially if you're a Stoner fan.



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We stayed on Phillip Island, in the town of Cowes. We were within walking distance of the circuit. Rick and I bought our tickets months ago, and we sprung for the "Platinum VIP" section. We were in an enclosed area at the start/finish line. Lots of food/drink. Problem was, the view wasn't that great, and the room was filled with corporate snobs who cared more for the umbrella girls than the racing. Next time, I will be in a different section of the circuit. Compared to Laguna Seca, the Phillip Island Circuit has them beat. There are more places to spectate from, since there is no wall in most areas, and people are allowed to sit inside and outside the turns. The restroom and refreshment lines are far shorter and less costlier (no $6 hot dogs). The crowds are smaller, and there are less vendors. It is an amazing place to watch a race from. It's literally a stone's throw from the ocean. I plan on coming back. Australians are a very considerate and friendly people.

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I see you were on the Great Ocean road and saw the 12 apostles. smile.gif




I was there in 1996 and only had one regret, that I was not on a motorcycle. What a great trip! That road has to be seen to be believed. I have so many great memories of Australia. My Grandfather was born in Melbourne. grin.gif





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enjoy yourself Rick. And a couple of things. Find some Crownies (Carlton Crown Lager) or VB (Victoria Bitter) to drink. Foster's is terrible. That's why they export it to the states. (At least that's what I was told when I was there!)



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