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Changing tires R1200RT


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Ok, so I ordered a new set of pilotroads 2 today. I am seeking some advise as to best and easiest instructions for removing the wheels. The back looks pretty easy, with swinging the pipe out of the way, but what about the front?


I am sure that once I start I will develop a redness in the face that I even asked, but you know, better safe than sorry… plus I have asked stupid questions before…


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Detailed instructions for removing the front and rear wheels are in the owners manual. However, for the front tire, they assume you have a BMW specific wheel stand.


In place of the stand, just use a jack and a block of wood under the crank case. Raise the jack just enough for the front wheel to clear the ground. If you are leery of leaving the bike on the jack, you can replace the front axle and place a jack stand underneath the axle. Just put some form of padding between the axle and jack stand.


Be sure to cover the portions of the rim which will make contact with the brake calipers with masking/painters tape before you remove/reinstall the callipers.

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what about the front?


you need a special tool - can either buy one or fab your own. Search here I've seen at least one recent thread.


This one looks pretty slick but I bought one from BMW before they started making these.



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You'll also find the tool at most sport/dirt bike stores.

Also included in the BMW delux tool kit if you plan on getting one.

Some BMW dealers will also have the aftermarket tool for about $25.00

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I just put new tires on my wife's '05 and my '07 R1200RT.


MotionPro makes a tool for the front axel. You can find it at most sportbike shops -- like cyclegear.com.


When you remount the front wheel, hand tighten the axel; then brake and compress the frontend several times; then torque the front axel and pitch bolt.


Are you mounting the tires on the rims, or are you having them done somewhere. I ask because the rear wheel with its shallow valley can be a little tricky.

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While we are on the topic of tires, my 2007 R1200RT will be ready for new ones soon. I bought the bike used with 2088 miles, so I assume the Metzler Roadtec Z6 tires are the originals. At the 6K service last week the tech told me I would need tires soon. It seems my rear will be sooner than my front. I found a review at http://www.calsci.com/motorcycleinfo/R1200RT.html that recommends the Metzler Roadtec Z6 on the front with the Metzler ME 880 on the rear. Anyone have a comment on this? I am most concerned that an 880 on the rear will raise the seat height which is already a challenge for me.

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Metzler Roadtec Z6 on the front with the Metzler ME 880 on the rear. Anyone have a comment on this? I am most concerned that an 880 on the rear will raise the seat height which is already a challenge for me.


This is the combination that I am running.

The bike came with Dunlop Sportmax's with a rear lasting <4k. I wanted more milage and figured I wouldn't be pushing this bike like my previous K1200RS.


The 880 didn't raise the seat height enough to notice...and I would have noticed ( 29" inseam).


I am used to haveing more grip in the wet than the 880. I have always run Z6,Z4's or Avon Storms and am not used to the rear end being all over the place when I least need it to be frown.gif


I might even pull this rear off and try something else to see if it is the bike or tire. Only have about 4K on the tire though and I am known to be frugal...

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I don't have much "wet" experience nor do I expect to get much here in the desert thankfully. My previous bike was a Honda Magna 750, which I put 880s on shortly after purchasing the bike. 10000 miles later they have lots of tread left, so I think I'll give the 880 a try on the back of my R1200RT.

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I use a pair of old socks and put each calipers in them once they are removed, keeps them from knocking around and hitting things you don't want nicked.


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