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Eastern Europe Trip September 7th-24th (part 1, w/photos)


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Day 1: Flew into Ljubljana, the capitol of Slovenia, via SFO and Frankfurt, a long but uneventful flight. Was met at the airport by the tour company’s driver and taken to our first evening’s hotel in a nice black Mercedes. After checking in we decided to take the bus into downtown Ljubljana. Conveniently the hotel was located on the end of the bus route and in less than 15 minutes we were in downtown enjoying the local sights. Ljubljana is a beautiful city with a river running through downtown and numerous bridges along with the Ljubljana castle overlooking the old town area. We had another day in town so we decided to take it easy the first evening and after a quick meal we took the bus back to the hotel.




Day 2: The next day we checked in with the tour company and made arrangements to meet in the afternoon to take delivery of the bike (a 1200GS). We once again took the bus into downtown and proceeded to walk through many of the section of the old town area, including a visit to the castle and the central market, along with the old town and Presernov square area. The castle was impressive and the views of the city were very enjoyable. We had lunch at an outdoor café and were “introduced” to the European way of eating (i.e. it takes forever to get your bill as they apparently expect you to sit down for at least an hour even after they take your plate)…..Note BMWST.COM shirt...










Met up with the tour/rental folks (Matej and Martina, husband and wife) a nice young couple who own Adriatic Mototours (Adriatic MotoTours) and took delivery of the bike and Zumo GPS unit (something that I decided to rent at the last minute and am still glad I did). After a quick signing of the rental documents and a GPS tutorial (my first use of a GPS) I took the bike for a quick spin out of town and back. We did a “self guided tour” that consisted of a pre-arranged solo trip w/hotel reservations, a daily itinerary and route sheets/maps. A great way to go as we couldn’t make one of their typical tours fit our schedule and we wanted to add a few extra days anyway (Budapest and Salzburg).




Returning to the hotel the wife and I suited up and rode into town for a final evening of sightseeing and quickly learned to enjoy the free (and almost anywhere you want) style of parking allowed…..






Part 2 soon......

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