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Inflatable Motorcycle Jacket saves a life


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It probably reduced the severity of his injuries but how do they know it saved his life? Also, liked the live shot from a freeway overpass to report the story... what was that about? grin.gif But still an interesting story buried in the silliness... I wonder how practical those jackets are, anyone own one..?

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my understanding of this product is that it is activated passively, like the key tether on a jet ski, you separate from the bike, the cord detaches the activation pin from the CO2 canisters without any input from you except physical separation of your body from the bike...


It is an interesting product, it will be interesting to complile some more data on its effectiveness in blunt trauma.

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Interesting indeed.


Two things struck me:


1. I hope the jacket inflates quicker than that website loads lmao.gif


2. I see they have a 'blow out sale' !!


Too funny.


But seriously, it is an interesting concept and I hadn't heard of it before. I DO know of the new (Swedish) protective clothing that hardens instantly on impact, but is soft otherwise. But this is different.


Thanks for the link Roger !

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I looked at one in detail that was taken apart for examination. Looks like a gimmick. Also, the air bladders completely stop all air flow and path for sweat to evaporate through a jacket. Sounds like torture to me!

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What struck me was the 1/2 second deploy time. Lets see..

if your doing 60mph thats 80ft per second. So.. I guess you

have 44ft to travel before the air bag inflates. Seems like

a long time to me. I guess something is better than nothing.


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