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A new to me UK R1200ST


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Hi All


Well I've had my 6,000 mile old June 06 1200 ST for a week now, put 500 miles on it and love it to bits. It's pretty basic spec. No ABS or horrid servo system, basic trip computer functions, a centre stand, rear carrier, systems cases, heated grips and knee pads for the tank. Colour is Blue and Silver which has always been my favorite combination since I lusted after an R100RS in that colour scheme when I was considerably younger.


So far with plenty of motorway work it's returning 53mpg (cruising at 4,000 in top)using 98 ron Shell or BP fuel. It still feels like it needs the rough edges knocking off it, but that will happen as the miles build up if my past boxer experience is anything to go by.


Mods ordered list so far is a ZTechniks screen, heavy milled Throttlemeisters, and a loud horn. I'm fitting my PIA 1100X' with an autoswitch, and I've already fitted a Givi box to the rack as I use my bike for business as well as pleasure all year round.


A question for all you longer term owners, the RID fuel guage told me to fill up the other day and claimed that I only had 30 miles left in the tank. I filled it up and it only took 16 litres to the bottom of the filler neck which at 188 miles gave me 53.7 mpg. How accurate is the RID? as on this showing I should have had between 4 and 5 litres left in the tank which should be good for another 60 miles. (1 UK gallon is 4.54 litres)


Also has anyone drilled the filler neck to speed up refuelling?


Best regards




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There have been a few threads about this. My 07 R1200ST has another 25 miles in it after the indicator says zero miles remain. Seems like each bike is a bit different. When I had the question, I took a spare gallon with me when the miles remaining was low and rode it until it died. You might want to check yours out this way.

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Hi, David-


Each of the bikes' fuel indicators seems to be a unit to itself. Mine has always been very accurate, I run out of fuel at 10 miles or so after the countdown goes to zero.

A riding buddy tried this and got more than 75 miles after his counted to zero. Those are the two extremes I suppose.


A dealer can fix that by emptying the tank, letting the fuel indicator strip dry out and then refilling with a certain amount, and telling the computer that this is at reserve.


My bike will not turn on the warning until usually 230+ miles, and my total range is up around 280-290 miles.



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FWIW my range is also about 280-290 miles - this seems to be rather uniform among bikes despite the differences in guage readings/accuracy.

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So from the look of it an Iron Butt ride should be possible with just an extra gallon can strapped on the seat. Not sure my rear could take a full 250 miles on it without a break on the standard seat though.

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Grats on the new bike! Actualyl I ahve the servo brakes and am quite happy with them - each to their own, I guess... otherwise I'm pretty sure you bought the fastest color!



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My 1150RS had servo's and they were pretty good, it's just the long term owner servicing that I did't like. One more electrial wiz bang to play up when you don't need it. Plus that pump can shift some brake fluid when you service the system.



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