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RT Lowering Kit


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Has anybody got experience purchasing and installing a footpeg lowering kit on their 1100RT? My research turned up at least two companies that offer the kit: Verholen (Germany) and Suburban Machinery(Ohio). I'm concerned about the new relationship between the relocated pegs and the OEM shifter and brake pedals. Thanks.

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I bought a set of Iliun works sport running boards that also lower by about 1 3/4 inches I could not see how to lower shifter or brake to that amount . I also posted for anyone with past expierence to give me some direction but had no luck. Acall to factory only advised to adjust the pedals to suit, I have not had time to pursue this issue I will watch with intrest. surely some one has put these things on, PS they are model specific for 1150 RT and very expesive.


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