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"SPOILER" Moto GP: Down Under


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My heart goes out to Nicky, I felt his pain but on the other hand what can you say about the boys in Red that wrapped up the whole series that hasn't already been said.

Ducati has become the World Champion today, taking all the prizes in the entire series that were up for grabs. The lock on the series by the Japanese manufactures has once again been broken, for now and the best racing platform this year is clearly Italian made with an unbelievably fast Australian rider. clap.gif


I saw some great racing battles out there today but like the entire year, they weren't for the top spot and when I saw Nicky put out his leg to let the others know he was out, my heart dropped as quickly as the valve in his motor. What a shame, it looked so cool seeing him back up front on Stoner's tail section.


Congratulations to Ducati and both their riders for putting on a good show and taking the #1 & #2 spots on the podium. thumbsup.gif


Oh ...... Have you heard the rumor that Rossi will be on Bridgestones next year? lmao.giflurker.gif

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Oh ...... Have you heard the rumor that Rossi will be on Bridgestones next year?

Nah! They'll all be on the Dunlop control tyres -- two sets to last the full season. *snigger*


Er, just kidding, Mr. Bynum. wink.gif

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OK, will whoever is sticking pins in their Nicky Hayden voodoo doll please quit it? Stoner has won the championship...you can stop with the curse on Nicky now! grin.gif


Sheesh...the two races he has a really decent chance of winning, the bad luck gremlins rear their ugly heads (First, Laguna, with that first corner incident with Hopper, now this valve problem at Phillip Island!) He was looking so good at this race...great start, staying with Casey but looking smooth... had a harder tire on than Casey too, so he may well have taken this one as Casey's tires began to fade at the end of the race. Drat.


And as if that didn't suck enough, the race wasn't all that exciting either. With the exception of the Melandri/Pedrosa duel for a while (til Melandri faded), and Capirossi's charge (good for Loris!!), there wasn't much excitement after Nicky retired, since nobody was gonna catch Mr.Stones...er, I mean Stoner! wink.gif


Here's hoping for better in Malaysia next week! thumbsup.gif

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